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Vampire breast lift claims perky results without surgery

A vampire breast lift might be just the thing for someone who wants a little perk without invasive surgery.

That is, as long as you’re not afraid of a little blood…. mwahahahaha! Yes, the vampire breast lift involves using your own blood to rejuvenate your breasts, much like it does during a vampire face lift. Kim Kardashian originally made this blood-centric skin treatment famous when she took a selfie drenched in a thin layer of her own blood. Or at least the platelet-rich plasma that has the magical restorative powers.

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Dermatologist Charles Runels who invented this sinister-sounding procedure, has now taken that same basic principle and applied it to women’s breasts. The vampire breast lift does virtually the same thing as the vampire face lift — it makes everything look plumper, rosier, and best of all, younger. In terms of breasts, that essentially means it gives you back your youthful perkiness without the help of a push-up bra.

Dr. Norman Rowe, a well-renowned New York City-based plastic surgeon explains, “It involves taking the patient’s own blood (about half a coffee cup full), extracting the platelets from the blood (the platelets help our blood clot and also release healing factors when we cut ourselves), activating them so they release the healing factors, which in turn attract stem cells, which cause a variety of effects.”

Stem cells are known to produce more collagen, so the idea is to lift the breast resulting in more perkiness.

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Dr. Runels told Cosmo he can increase cleavage, get rid of stretch marks and even improve nipple sensitivity with this procedure. However, according to Dr. Rowe, there is currently no scientific evidence to prove Dr. Runels’ claims — just several before and after photos.

If you’ve been considering getting breast augmentation, this might be a good preliminary procedure to try because it’s much less invasive. According to Dr. Rowe, recovery from this procedure is very quick. There’s little to no downtime because it’s not full-fledged surgery, and you don’t have to be anesthetized. However, that being said, there’s very little information available on what injecting stem cells into the breast tissue could do to the body over time, so you may want to wait until some scientific studies have been done.

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According to Dr. Runels, the procedure takes as little as 15 minutes, and the effects can last a year or longer (but it takes up to two months for your breasts to reach their full, perky potential). While it won’t necessarily give you an added cup size, according to Dr. Runels, you’ll look like you’re wearing a push-up bra even though you’re not. However, for an impermanent procedure, it is quite pricey at about $1,800 a shot…

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