Texas Southern University shooting marks second involving college students in one day

It’s happened again. A gunman has opened fire on a school campus.

Just hours after the nation was rocked — yet again — by news of a shooting at the Northern Arizona University campus, reports are now coming out of Texas, where a shooter on the Texas Southern University campus has allegedly killed at least one person in university housing.

A school shooting is typically defined as an event where “a firearm was discharged inside a school building or on school or campus grounds, as documented by the press or confirmed through further inquiries with law enforcement,” and many on social media are calling this the 47th such incident in America this year:

Texas Southern University quickly began to trend on Twitter, while many who were already talking about school shootings with the hashtag #NAUShooting added another for #TSUshooting.

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The college itself was quick to weigh in: 

Not surprisingly, most are trying to make sense of multiple horrors in one day:


Others launched into the gun debate:

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The TSU families — like those in Arizona — remain in many prayers today:


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