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Watch as suspension bridge collapses under tourists in New Zealand (VIDEO)

If you have a fear of heights, then this video of hikers walking on a suspension bridge will absolutely terrify you.

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The Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk, a 44-kilometre track along the southern and western coast of Lake Waikaremoana on the North Island of New Zealand, is a popular tourist attraction. It offers breathtakingly beautiful views of rainforests, wetlands and the lake, and a chance to immerse yourself in nature. But one group of French tourists had a less-than-desirable experience while on the track in August.

French hikers plunged into lake after bridge breaks
Image: Adrien Whistle/YouTube

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A video uploaded to YouTube shows footage of three French hikers walking the track while being filmed by another hiker behind them. The group appears to be making good pace until they find themselves on a suspension bridge. The bridge is supposed to hold the weight of 10 people, but while halfway along, the bridge suddenly collapses, plunging the hikers into the water below.

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Apparently, one of the main cables of the bridge was loose and the hikers suffered an eight-metre drop, according to the video’s author.

Hikers plunged into lake after bridge breaks
Image: Adrien Whistle/YouTube

Thankfully there was water below and all four hikers were unhurt.

For more, watch the scary video below — and please use it as a reminder to always exercise caution.

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