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Cat rescue gets paw-litical with clever awareness campaign

A clever campaign by a Regina cat rescue has named four abandoned kittens after political party leaders. The Politicats — Justin, Tom, Stephen and Elizabeth — were found with their mom living on the streets of Regina and were brought to the shelter, where they are now flourishing.

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While the real politicians are heating up the campaign trail, their kitten versions are campaigning for funds for their spay and neuter surgeries.

To tell the kittens apart, they’re dressed in collars that are the colours associated with each party. Rachel Molnar, communications co-chair of the Regina Cat Rescue, told the CBC that they decided to have a little fun because the election is on everyone’s mind. “We’re just disappointed there wasn’t one more male for Gilles Duceppe,” Molnar said. One commenter suggested that perhaps he just chose to separate from them.

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According to the rescue’s website, “Justin, Thomas, Stephen and Elizabeth love to challenge each other and can often be found sparring over important issues like use of the scratching post, access to the food dish and whose turn it is to snuggle with their foster mom.” 

Political pundits, please note that Justin was the first to be adopted.

There are thousands of abandoned cats and kittens on Regina’s streets, and RCR’s volunteers work hard to rescue as many as possible — 307 so far in 2015. As an entirely volunteer-run organization with no shelter facility, funds raised go where they are needed most. For more information, you can visit their website.

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