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12 Signs of job burnout — and what you should do about it

Do you get tired easily? Do you feel exhausted? Are you easily irritated by everything at work? Well, you might need a break from work. Just like anyone else, it is possible you’ve been working yourself too much, which causes you to get burned out. If this is the case, you should consider taking a break to relax and refresh yourself.

12 common signs you definitely should take a much-deserved break

  1. You set your alarm early — so you can press the snooze button.
    If this is the first thing you do in the morning, it is clear you need a break. Similarly, if you start your day being frantic and often end up being late for work, it’s a sign that you need some time away.
  2. You want to go straight to bed after you finish work because you feel so exhausted.
    You don’t have hobbies, and you are not interested in doing anything else after work.
  3. You keep tossing and turning at night.
    Your mind is busy thinking about work and the things you have to do the following day. In short, you are too stressed to fall asleep.
  4. You look forward to Fridays and weekends — not because you will have some free time, but because you have time to sleep and rest.
  5. You notice your coworkers and your boss frequently asking how you are feeling.
    They are concerned about you, because you don’t look like you are feeling well.
  6. Despite knowing networking is a crucial aspect of your job, you turn down lunch or dinner invitations.
    You think that instead of chatting with people in your company or your industry, you could use some extra time to stay in your bed and sleep.
  7. You dread Mondays.
  8. You fantasize about quitting your current job.
    There is nothing wrong with dreaming about having a better paid job or better hours at work, but constant daydreaming about quitting your current position isn’t doing you any favors — at work or in your life.
  9. You don’t want to talk about anything related to your job.
    You go to parties and you meet new people, but you feel it’s a waste of time explaining to people what you do.
  10. You don’t remember the last time you accomplished something at work, and you don’t care if you accomplish things in the future.
  11. Most of your conversations include how unhappy you are at work.
    It is completely normal to vent to your partner or a friend every once in a while, but constant venting is a sign you need to be away from your job for a while.
  12. You don’t think your coworkers deserve their jobs.
    You think they are not being efficient, and you just aren’t satisfied with how they do their jobs.

If you are experiencing many of these signs, you have to seriously consider taking a break from work. Talk with a personal coach, so you can receive the proper guidance to help you avoid or overcome work burnout.

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