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4 Makeup tips for flawless eyes

Clare Weyers

Finding the right eye makeup is difficult on a good day; but if you happen to have veiny eyelids, it can start to feel like an impossible task.

All of us have veins on our eyelids, but unfortunately, some of us have very visible veins. If you have bright blue or purple veins, they can even clash with the color of your eyeshadow. Don’t worry. Lots of women have the same problem. You can disguise veiny eyelids by using a simple base layer to cover over prominent veins.

Four simple tips to create a perfect canvas for applying eyeshadow

1. Choose a strong foundation

Take your time and find a foundation that matches your skin tone. Foundation can be applied to your whole face, all the way down to your jaw, to keep your skin tone consistent. You can easily apply it to your eyelids using a sponge or brush. Apply it gently and you’ll find a smooth layer will cover veins really well.

2. Consider using concealer

Concealer is different than foundation, as it is used specifically to cover blemishes on your face, such as spots or bags around your eyes. Unlike foundation, it shouldn’t be used all over your face. Instead of buying a color that matches your skin, buy one a couple of shades lighter. Always apply your foundation before concealer. Applying a small dab of concealer to the eyelid will not only help eyeshadow stay put, but it can also help cover up those veins. Different color concealers work in different ways to neutralize the colors of your skin. A pale or lemon yellow can be great for covering up purple and blue veins. Try a few different shades — there are so many choices — to see which works best for you.

3. Eyeshadow primer prepares your eyelids for shadow

You can use this instead of a concealer, but still put it on top of your foundation. Eyeshadow primer helps eyeshadow to last longer on your skin. Just like foundation, it’s important to find one that matches your skin tone. Apply it over the foundation and you should find it helps those veiny eyelids disappear in no time at all. Leave the primer to dry for a few minutes before applying your eyeshadow.

4. You’re ready to apply eyeshadow!

The above options should work wonders for covering those veiny lids, so you can add some color to your eyelids. Bright colors will cover most veins and are perfect if you’re heading for a night out. If you’re looking for something more natural, try a pale pink or peach. If you’re new to applying eyeshadow, this video is fab for showing the basics of how to get started and have great looking eyes.

Clare Weyers is an expert in all things hair and beauty and runs makeup courses in Essex at Elite School of Beauty Therapy. She provides students with in-depth knowledge of the latest makeup tips and techniques. Check out her blog for more beauty advice!

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