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29-Year-old birthday girl re-creates baby’s cake smash in hilarious photos

It seems every day our Facebook feeds are inundated with adorable pictures posted by proud parents. They’re very cute, but eventually it all starts to get a little monotonous. That’s why this hilarious photo shoot is such a breath of fresh air.

Picture this: A happy birthday girl is all smiles as she gets a first taste of birthday cake. First she pokes a finger at it, then a goofy smile spreads across her face as she smashes handful after handful of sweet cake and sugary frosting all over her face.

Sound familiar? Sure. Lots of parents share the same set of pictures over and over again. But this time, there’s a twist: The birthday girl is 29 “again,” and the entire shoot was orchestrated by two photographer friends. Take a look at some of the photos in the set, shot by the very talented Shannon Squires of Shannon Squires Photography.

Image: Shannon Squires Photography
Image: Shannon Squires Photography

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SheKnows contacted Shannon to talk about the story behind the hilarious pictures, which she took with her best friend, fellow photographer and second shooter, Sabrina.

“I guess it all started a couple months ago when I had a couple typical 1-year-old cake smash shoots,” Shannon told us. “I knew my best friend Sabrina’s — who is also a photographer and my right-hand girl — birthday was coming up at the end of September. If you know Sabrina, then you know that she is always up for anything and the brightest light in any room. So of course I knew she would be all in on this. I really can’t take all the credit, as I wouldn’t have been able to achieve such a fun shoot without her.”

That’s definitely evident in the pictures, where Sabrina nails the “baby entranced by delicious sugar bomb” look perfectly. It’s also clear that there’s a reason cake smash photography is so popular: Whether the subject is 1 or 29 years old, the results are always the perfect mix of adorable and funny. Although, if you ask us, it’s way more funny like this than the traditional way.

Image: Shannon Squires Photography

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The reaction has definitely been positive and has prompted the pair to consider continuing with a series of other newborn-style spoofs.

Shannon was pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of positive comments from people who saw the photos, and said, “One reason why I would love to continue the series is because of all the wonderful comments. ‘You made my day.’ ‘I need this laugh today.’ ‘I can’t stop laughing.’ And also so many people commented on wanting to do the same for their next birthday. Why should 1-year-olds get all the fun?”

That’s definitely the appeal of photo shoots like these. All new parents feel that urge to document all of the little (and big!) moments in their baby’s life, and that’s why these types of photo shoots are so popular. That doesn’t mean they don’t get a little redundant for the rest of us, though. It’s good to take a “baby break” once in a while and just appreciate the absurdity of it.

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The best part? Shannon’s hoping that if the rest of the photos in her series strike the same positive note as the cake smash photos, she’ll be able to compile them into a coffee table book and use it to do some good:

“I have always wanted to do some sort of a project to raise awareness and funds for an issue that is growing worldwide. Sex trafficking of women and children is everywhere, and in Sacramento, we are on the top 5 [list of] cities in the U.S. [for trafficking]. Maybe this is how I will do it. Making people laugh to bring awareness to such a big issue.”

It’s definitely a worthy cause, and one we can all get behind, especially if we get to see more hilarious pictures from the pair in the future.

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