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Kuma the Shih Tzu has better hair than we do (PHOTOS)

We never get bored of seeing adorable animals on the Internet, and Kuma, a very stylish Pekingese-Shih Tzu mix, is definitely a current favourite.

Kuma, who hails from Japan, is taking over the Internet with her amazing hairstyles. She already has over 14,200 followers on Instagram — and the number is steadily climbing.

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From beanies with furry pompoms to incredibly complicated updos and Minnie Mouse ears, below are some of Kuma’s best looks — which will give you some serious hair inspiration.

Kuma definitely knows how to work it in front of a camera.

She also has some epic model poses.

This pooch knows how to work with props.

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Kuma rocks the top knots better than anyone.

Straw hats may be the new must-have accessory now that we’ve seen how good they look on Kuma.

We’re not sure what this ‘do is, but we love it anyway.

Move over, Minnie Mouse!

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Kuma, which, according to Daily Mail, means “bear”, is definitely one of the most adorable pooches we’ve seen online, and the human behind the account is clearly a fan of all the latest hair trends.

Who knew we could get such hair envy from a little pooch? Let us know your thoughts on Kuma’s looks in the comments below.

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