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Ombré blush is the new makeup trend you can copy in seconds

While some people thought the ombré look would be a fleeting trend, it’s proved to have some serious staying power.

And for good reason: Ombré hair is flattering on everyone, no matter if you have blond, brown, red, gray or rainbow-colored hair. The only problem with ombré is that it’s not exactly simple to do on your own. Store-bought ombré kits are difficult to use, and giving yourself an ombré manicure looks super simple on Pinterest and Instagram, but usually ends up as a big fail when done at home.

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Luckily, there is an ombré trend that you can do at home — and in seconds. Seriously. Ombré blush is the new big makeup trick for the fall, one NYC makeup salon told, and all it requires is three different blush hues (one light, one medium and one dark) in the same color family.
First, apply the darkest shade to the apple of your cheek with a blush brush. Then, take the lightest hue and use it at a highlighter on your cheekbones near the hairline. Fill in the rest with the medium shade and blend by swiping the brush in a “C” shape on your cheeks.

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It’s really that simple.

Don’t have three similar blush colors? Look for blush palettes that contain multiples of the same color. Or, look for some pre-made ombré blush kits, like Kardashian Beauty Radiant Ombré Blush ($10) or IT Cosmetics CC Radiance Ombré Blush ($35).

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