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If You’ve Got Some Money to Burn, These Are the Most Expensive Dogs Out There

5. Egyptian Pharaoh Hound

The Egyptian Pharaoh Hound is definitely exotic looking. These pups have been bred since 4000 BC. They used to go for up to $5000, but they’ve come down a bit in price. You can expect to pay about $2000 now.

6. English bulldog

No, Charles Dickens didn’t take over writing this article. This is actually not the same thing as the Olde English bulldogge of yore, and this American version has only been around since the ’70s. It looks very much like its cousin with a more modern spelling, but it was just accepted into UKC as an official breed in 2014, perhaps contributing to the puppies being a bit spendy at $2,150 each on average.

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