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If You’ve Got Some Money to Burn, These Are the Most Expensive Dogs Out There

When you factor in vet bills, food and grooming, all dogs are pretty expensive. It’s a small price to pay for undying loyalty and unconditional love, though — right? And while adopting any pet can get pricey in a hurry, there are definitely some designer dogs that cost much, much more than a pet you’d pick up from a shelter. We’re talking more money than three month’s rent.

Looking to drop a whole grip of cash on a dog? Check these puppies out.

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1. Tibetan mastiff
One of the more ancient breeds, the Tibetan mastiff isn’t a true mastiff, despite the hefty price tag of around $3,000 per pup (Vice also reports that one recently went for $2 million!). This breed was made for working but is also a born protector. Courageous, loyal and protective, this is the guy or gal you want with you if you happen across a bear in the woods. But it really isn’t appropriate for smaller homes or yards as it needs plenty of room to play.

2. Lowchen

When you adopt a Lowchen, you’re getting a breed that is super cuddly and great with kids. They’re very similar to a Bichon Freese, but they come at a price: Usually around two grand or more.

Originally posted October 2015. Updated August 2017.

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