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MLB announcers shame sorority girls for having fun at game

While encouraging fans to send in selfies, cameras at an Arizona Diamondbacks-Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball game zoomed in on a group of sorority girls who were… you guessed it… taking selfies.

The announcers for the game, however, appeared to be equally fascinated and puzzled at the actions of these young women, and proceeded to narrate what they were doing like they were hosting a nature show. They also managed to shame the hell out of the selfie-taking girls, as they spent an inordinate amount of time complaining about them.

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We have heard all the tired complaints about people being too into their cellphones (and, by extension, too into themselves). But really. Aside from making sure that you’re paying attention to the on-the-field action (you don’t want to have your face destroyed by shards of a broken bat or your jaw broken by a line drive foul ball), there is no way that every single person who attends a ballgame is required to watch every single thing that happens on the field.

Because they don’t. Nobody does. If you go to a game, do you ever get up and get beer or nachos?

Do you ever stand around and bullshit with other fans around the Dippin’ Dots cart after you’ve bought an overpriced packet for your kids? While in your seat, do you sit there and talk to the person next to you? Do you — gasp — look at your phone? Do you take photos? Do you even take photos… of yourself?

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Yes, you can do all of these things during inning breaks, but inning breaks often go faster than the line you’re in does. And do the cameras zoom in on some dude standing in the line to the crapper? Or a woman buying a hot dog? And do the commentators spend time talking about oh my gosh that person does not need another pretzel? No.

I get it. People hate selfies. But you know what? Selfies don’t hurt you. They don’t hurt anyone. Sure, you think these girls look dumb posing with their churros. But I’m betting they don’t care what you think, and in fact, after the video went viral of these grown men who couldn’t even deal with a bunch of college kids acting like college kids, the sorority they belong to had the perfect response.

I’m 41 and have been to many MLB games, and yes, I’ve taken selfies. In fact, other people usually do the same thing, and also of note, it’s not just females — dudes do it too.

The author's selfie at a Royals game
Image: Monica Beyer

Selfies are no big deal. Really. And shaming people for doing something that seems silly on national TV is pretty rude. Nobody pays 100 percent attention at these games — even the biggest baseball fans — and while watching out for foul balls is extremely important, don’t begrudge the selfie taker.

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