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Ditch the Chemicals & Try These Clean Beauty Brands Instead

Until about 10 years ago, we didn’t really pay much attention to the ingredients in our skin care and makeup. If it left our skin feeling softer and looking flawless, we were totally down to shellac that stuff on — but recently, we’ve become more aware that what we put on our skin actually ends up in our bodies, and the beauty industry has taken notice.

And the industry is also taking advantage by “green-washing” their products. That’s right, just because a company markets itself as “clean,” doesn’t mean that it is. And to complicate things more, some of the companies that really are clean sell products that don’t get the job done. It’s enough to make you want to crawl back to your old dirty ways.

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But that doesn’t mean that all clean beauty products are total BS. There are some amazing lines out there that are natural and really deliver results. These guys craft their makeup and skin care around whole plant sources, organic ingredients, no chemical preservatives, gluten-free contents, animal-friendly practices and eco-friendly packaging.

1. 100% pure

Hello! Fruit-dyed makeup — how fun is that? From awesome skin care products to perfume and makeup, 100% Pure is throwing down everything you need in your clean beauty arsenal — and they totally live up to their name.

2. Acure

Acure has put out awesome hair and skin care for a while now and they just started selling a new wellness line too. If you’re looking for awesome sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that don’t cost a million dollars, you’ll love Acure. You can also find Acure in most Whole Foods and Sprouts stores.

3. John Masters

John Masters is another hair and skin care company that works wonders without a ginormous price tag. And they have organic pet care products too! Added bonus: They offer a variety of travel-size products so you can try out new stuff without committing to a full-size.

4. Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face is another really great economical green brand. We love their aluminum and paraben-free spray deodorant. If you dig earthier smells, you’ll be into Kiss My Face.

5. Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis is totally a luxury brand, which is super-cool because sometimes it feels like you have to choose between going glam and being clean. They offer a full line of super-pigmented makeup that is to die for. Plus, their pretty mirrored compacts look cool chillin’ out in your makeup bag.

6. REN Skincare

REN is free of synthetics and uses 100 percent plant derivatives — and we’re kinda in love with their masks.

7. RMS Beauty

RMS was created by a makeup artist who was affected by toxic products, and we only have two words for you: “Un” Cover-up. OK, maybe that’s three (the hyphen is throwing us for a loop), but this foundation/light concealer doesn’t just cover up what you want to hide, it helps to heal.

8. Tata Harper

Yes, Tata Harper is on the expensive side, but all of their nontoxic, antiaging skin care products are like a dream. They kinda make everyday feel like a spa day.

9. Fitglow Beauty

If you’ve got sensitive skin, Fitglow is your jam. Seriously, their Calm line is a game-changer.

10. Vapour Beauty

When it comes to foundation and other color cosmetics, Vapour is kinda the standard. Their chemical-free products are amazing, and they’re another luxury brand that adds a bit of glamour.

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Image: Yvonna Groom/Sheknows

Originally published November 2015. Updated May 2017.

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