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Rapid Reads: 6 Big stories of the day

It’s almost Friday, but we’re not quite there yet. While you’re waiting, why not catch up on the latest news? Here are the top stories everyone will be talking about:

1. Well, that’s disappointing

Many scoffed at Kentucky clerk Kim Davis’ claims that she met with Pope Francis during his U.S. visit, but it seems the pontiff did make time for her. The Vatican has confirmed the clerk jailed for refusing to sign same-sex marriage certificates, despite the law, did get her own special meeting with the pope. Davis claims the head of the Catholic Church told her to “stay strong,” gave her rosaries and posed for photos taken by Vatican photographers. No word yet on whether those photos will be released. — The New York Times

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2. Survey says

The latest presidential campaign polls represent a big shift for the front-runners. Real estate mogul/reality TV star Donald Trump is now neck and neck with neurosurgeon Ben Carson, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has lost ground to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. She leads him by just seven points now. — NBC News

3. That’s politics

House Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz is taking heat for his grilling of Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards, but he’s not backing down. The Utah Republican told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer it has nothing to do with the (now known to be altered) videos spread by anti-choicers and everything to do with his concerns about the non-profit’s budgets. According to Chaffetz, he wants to win “the war on cancer.” But a graph he used claiming that the number of abortions done by the group has overtaken its cancer screenings has been completely debunked. Meanwhile, Secret Service agents are under investigation for leaking potentially embarrassing information about Chaffetz, including the fact that he’d applied for an agent’s job and been rejected. — CNN/The Washington Post

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4. Will he or won’t he?

Joaquin is officially a hurricane and a Category 3 storm at that. But forecasters still can’t tell Americans whether they’re going to need all those flashlights and water bottles. The U.S. National Hurricane Center’s models show it could hit the Carolinas and Virginia on Sunday, but their director said it could also stay out to sea. Here’s hoping everyone stays safe. — USA Today

5. Somebody got lucky

The $310.5 million Powerball jackpot will go to one person who bought a ticket at a Shell station in Three Rivers, Michigan. A similar sized windfall in February was split among three players who all picked the same numbers in various states. If you were at the Three Rivers Shell this week and bought a ticket with the numbers 21-39-40-55-59 and Powerball 17, it’s time to claim your prize! NBC News

6. Going GIF

Facebook is rolling out a new option for profile photos: GIFs. You’ll now be able to see your bestie’s duck face selfie shots in seven-second video loops. But that’s not all: You’ll now be able to add emojis to your bio. Better than a dislike button? Wired

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