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Wedding dress fashion has changed a lot over 100 years (WATCH)

Not surprisingly, wedding dress styles have changed considerably since the early 20th century. While we may borrow aspects of bridal fashion from earlier times, each decade brought something new and iconic to the table. decided to give us a glimpse of what the average bride was walking down the aisle in the last 100 years and more. They had a makeup and style team fashion a model 10 times over to capture the iconic wedding look from each decade — from 1915 to 2015. Then they sped things up so we could see a whole century of wedding fashion fly by in three minutes. Here’s the awesome result:

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Maybe it’s just because I’m getting ready for my own wedding, but this video was such eye candy for me. The stylists captured every detail from each decade’s signature bridal look, from the size and shape of the bride’s bouquet to the lace trim of her veil. My favorite veil by far was the one from 1925 — those flappers certainly knew how to wear a headpiece.

It was also surprising to see how few of the earlier decades showed brides wearing floor-length dresses. You always think that women were covering everything up before the 1960s, but in fact, every dress except the ones from the 1930s and ’40s hit above the ankle.

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However, the kicker of the whole video is the moment at the end when her androgynous spouse comes out dressed in a tux to escort the bride away. She gives a little knowing mug to the camera as if to say that bridal fashion isn’t the only thing that has evolved over the last 100 years. Yes, thanks to some much-needed progress, the couples wearing the wedding clothes have changed since 1915, and unlike ugly, matching bridesmaids dresses, that’s a very, very good thing.

Image: Mode

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