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Instagram baby names are #hot, #hot, #hot

Instagram not only makes our photos looks amazing, it is also a surprisingly great place to find baby name inspiration. From Hudson to Aden to Willow, you can totally name your baby boy or baby girl after your favorite Instagram filter.

Instagram baby names are #hot, #hot, #hot
Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

Baby name inspiration can hit you in the most surprising places, such as flipping through a Pottery Barn catalogue, watching your favorite Real Housewives show — or even while watching Orange Is the New Black.

We noticed while filtering our favorite pictures on Instagram that there are some cool filter names that would make the perfect baby girl or baby boy name. How does the tech company come up witht hem? Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom shared their method behind the filter names.

“I wish that I could say it’s more interesting, but often it has to do with the inspiration for the filter… a type of film, a photo we’ve seen, or simply what we were doing at the time,” he said in a Quora interview.

One filter name that came about in the most adorable way, however, is Toaster — which was inspired by Systrom’s dog.

Now, we aren’t suggesting you name your child Toaster (although it is a cute name for a dog); however, there are plenty of other picks that we love.

Girl names inspired by Instagram filters

The Instagram filter Sierra also happens to be a beautiful name for a baby girl. The name has Irish origins and means “dark” — which is funny because it always seems to lighten up my photos a bit.

Willow is another great baby girl name. Although the filter is black and white, the name reminds us of a beautiful willow tree. Willow is a name of English origins that means “slender and graceful.”

Perpetua, an Instagram filter that is also a unique and quirky name from Latin, means “perpetual; continual.”

Here are more Instagram filter names that would make fun and unique baby girl names.

Instagram-inspired boy names

The name Hudson appeared in the Social Security Administration’s top baby name list in 2010 — which also happened to be the year that Instagram started. Coincidence? We think not. Each year, this name moves further up the popular baby name list, as it was number 139 in 2010 and is currently ranked at number 80. In case you were wondering, Noah is currently the most popular baby name in the U.S.

Aden is another Instagram filter that would also make a great boy name. This name is of Hebrew origin and means “attractive” or “handsome.”

If you are looking for a more unique name, Ludwig and Hefe are both filter-inspired names that we can totally see being the perfect names for hipster baby boys.

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Unisex Instagram names

It’s actually gotten to the point where boy names are given to girls (Wyatt Kutcher and Blake Lively’s daughter James, come to mind) and vice versa, so many of today’s names are actually considered unisex names.

The following Instagram filters would make cool baby names for a boy or girl, and they run the gamut from nature-inspired (Lark), to a destination name (Nashville) and even a verb (Rise).

There are a few filter names, however, that are a bit too technical sounding or odd, and you had better save them for Instagram. Those include x-pro II, Lo-fi and Inkwell.

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