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10 Things not to say to your childfree friends

After nine years of blissful marriage, we’ve been asked by everyone and their mother when we are expanding our family.

Sure, I love children, but don’t ask me if I am having one soon. It is uncomfortable and inappropriate, and I’m so over it. If you want to remain friends with your childfree friends, maybe you should drop the following from your vocabulary: 

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1. “So when are you guys going to start a family?”

Jon Hamm snl

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2. “You’ll understand when you become a mom.”

Joan Mad Men Eye roll

3. “Just relax, you’ll get pregnant in no time.”

Kristen Bell laugh cry

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4. “It must be nice to have the extra time to read a book/have a romantic dinner.”

Jennifer Lawrence

5. “I didn’t invite you because it’s a kids’ party and I didn’t think you wanted to come.”

Tina Fey Mean Girls

6. “You’ll change your mind about having kids in a few years.”

Tina Fey Rude

7. “Wait until your biological clock kicks in.”

Marilyn Monroe distraught

8. “You’re missing out on one of the best things in life.”

crying in the rain

9. “You don’t understand; you’ve never had kids.”

Zooey Deschanel

10. “But you would be such a great mom! There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Molly Ringwald

Just remember: Next time you feel like bringing up the topic of children or childbearing to your childfree friend, respect their privacy and their life choices.

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