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FIFA 16 release inspires one girlfriend to ‘prove’ she doesn’t need her man

So it’s that time of year again. The new FIFA game is out and men across the world like to joke about how they won’t have time for their girlfriends anymore. But one woman won the Internet with her epic comeback to this not-so-funny joke.

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Bradley Measor thought he’d poke fun at his girlfriend Danni after he got the brand new FIFA 16 game for Xbox. He took to Twitter to post a picture with his new game along with the caption “Bye Danni.”

But Danni’s comeback was the best ever, as she shared an Ann Summers page featuring a bright pink sex toy. Her response: “Bye Brad.”


Woman schools boyfriend with epic comeback

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And we aren’t the only people who think this is brilliant, as shown by the responses to the couple’s tweets.

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We salute you, Danni. And let this be a warning to all those boyfriends who try to do the same thing.

Woman schools boyfriend with epic comeback

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