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22 Reading nooks that will make you want to curl up with a book

Book lovers, brace yourselves.

These reading nooks are the stuff dreams are made of.

1. Living room nook

This living room nook lets you stay in the same room as the rest of your family yet still like you’re in your own little space.

2. Hall library nook

No hall library is complete without a reading nook, right?

3. Office closet nook

If you’re lucky enough to have your own home office, make it even better by turning the closet into a reading sanctuary.

4. Long hallway nook

Break up a long hallway by adding a nook. It’s the perfect place to perch with your favorite page-turner.

5. Under-the-stairs nook

The space under the stairs always goes to waste. Waste no more with this simple nook.

6. Large library nook

This large nook houses a couple of chairs and an entire home library. Yes, please!

7. Craftsman hallway nook

Craftsman houses have such beautiful bones, and this one is made even better by this bright and cheery reading nook.

8. Contemporary hallway nook

The clean lines and large seating space in this simple nook make it just right for reading — or napping.

9. Wide window nook

Sometimes when you read, you just want to sprawl out. This is the place to do it.

10. DIY nook

If your house wasn’t built with a good space for a nook, you don’t have to hire a construction crew to make it happen. Carefully placed furniture and cozy lighting can make it happen.

11. Modern colonial nook

Once upon a time, this was probably used as a small study or a nursery. Today, that arched doorway and bright window make it the perfect place for a modern-day nook.

12. Raised-room nook

Just a few steps up from the living room, this bright little room probably seems like it’s in its own little world.

13. Fireplace reading nook

That awkward spot beside your fireplace can be put to such a better use. Carefully placed furniture makes it seem like its own little room.

14. Small hallway nook

You don’t have to have a massive hallway to fit in a bookshelf and place to plop down.

15. Bedroom reading nook

Save the bed for sleeping. Do your reading in this cozy spot instead.

16. Swinging nook

Who says swings can only go on front porches?

17. Porch nook

Read a book while enjoying the great outdoors — sans bugs, rain and humidity.

18. Beach-style nook

Whether you’re near the beach or not, this nook will you give that nautical feeling you crave.

19. Attic nook

Put a low-ceiling attic to great use by turning it into a cozy nook.

20. Rustic reading nook

This rustic nook is cozy in every single way.

21. Kitchen nook

Curl up with a book while you wait for the oven timer.

22. Nook with a bed

It doesn’t get more comfortable than that. And every book is within arm’s reach. Count me in.

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