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Canadian voters favour marijuana, assisted suicide and legal prosititution

Forum Research polled 1,557 Canadian voters, and according to the organization’s president, Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, the results show there’s “a higher level of tolerance for social innovation in this country than we are aware of.”

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Assisted suicide should be legal

Approximately 67 per cent of the voters polled believe assisted suicide should be legalized. Respondents aged 35 to 44 (73 per cent) and who earned between $80K and $100K (76 per cent) were in the majority here, but New Democrats, Liberals and even Conservatives seemed to be in agreement on this issue.

Marijuana should be legalized

Over half of voters (54 per cent) think marijuana should be legalized. While the majority of Liberals (63 per cent) and New Democrats (61 per cent) favoured the legalization of marijuana, only 33 per cent of Conservatives voted “yes” on this issue.

Prostitution should be legal

Almost half of those polled (49 per cent) think prostitution should be legal. Interestingly, only 40 per cent of females were for this in comparison to 59 per cent of the males polled. Approximately 58 per cent of Liberals and 54 per cent of New Democrats were for this, but only 33 per cent of Conservatives want prostitution to be legal.

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Retirement age should be 65

The majority (65 per cent) think the Old Age Security age should be brought back down to 65, with 75 per cent of New Democrats and 69 per cent of Liberals being for this. Approximately 48 per cent of Conservatives are also for this change.

Don’t bring back the long-gun registry

Of all the social issues put forward, bringing back the long-gun registry was the only issue that was universally voted against. Approximately 3 per cent voted for the return of the registry, while 44 per cent voted against it. Conservatives did not favour the idea, with only 17 per cent voting for it, while 49 per cent of Liberals and 50 per cent of New Democrats also voted for it.

People would vote for a progressive candidate

Respondents were also asked if they would vote for a candidate who supported all the above issues, and 45 per cent said “yes.” Those who voted “yes” skewed young (53 per cent), were better educated (52 per cent) and were either Liberals (55 per cent) or New Democrats (58 per cent).

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