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Insanely easy DIY hoop earrings perfect for the minimalist fashionista

I’ll admit I’m quite head over heels for the brass accents that we’re seeing in fashion this fall. There’s just something about the warmth of the metal that pairs so incredibly well with cozy plaids, textured denim and prismatic fall colors.

As a new homeowner this year though, I didn’t have much of a budget for updating my seasonal wardrobe, and I knew I’d need to get creative. So when I discovered brass jewelry wire for under $5 at the craft store, I came up with the idea to make a brass pair of minimal-style hoop earrings. Brass wire (20 gauge) is pliable enough to bend into shape with your hands, strong enough to hold its shape and thin enough to fit easily fit through pierced ears. The end result is a beautifully minimal pair of brass hoop earrings anyone can create in under 10 minutes. Cheers to fall style on any budget!

DIY hoop earrings
Image: Erin Francois
DIY hoop earrings
Image: Erin Francois/Sheknows
DIY Hoop Earrings
Image: Erin Francois/Sheknows
DIY Hoop Earrings
Image: Erin Francois/Sheknows


DIY Hoop earrings: materials
Image: Erin Francois/Sheknows
  • 20 gauge (.81mm) tarnish-resistant brass jewelry wire
  • Wire cutter
  • 1-inch diameter cylinder (such as a small bottle of paint) to use as the wire bending guide


Step 1

DIY Hoop Earrings Step 1
Image: Erin Francois/Sheknows

Loosely pull about 2 rotations of wire off of the spool, allowing the wire to keep its circular shape, and make a cut with the wire cutter. Do your best not to create any kinks in the wire, as they’re very difficult to smooth out.

Step 2

DIY Hoop Earrings Step 2
Image: Erin Francois/Sheknows

Wrap the first piece of wire around your 1-inch cylindrical shape. Try to position the midpoint of the wire at the top of the cylinder and guide the wire down around the sides. Apply gentle pressure and take care not to kink the wire as you’re wrapping.

Step 3

DIY Hoop Earrings Step 3
Image: Erin Francois/Sheknows

At this point you’ll have a wire loop that has 1 rounded end and 1 pointed end plus 2 wire tails. Trim the wire tails down to your desired length with wire cutters. I trimmed the tails at about 1/2 inch.

Step 4

DIY Hoop Earrings Step 4
Image: Erin Francois/Sheknows

Repeat Steps 1-3 for the second earring. Use the first earring as a guide to create a matching pair.

DIY Hoop Earrings: Finished
Image: Erin Francois/Sheknows

To wear, slip 1 end of the wire into your pierced ear, and slide through until the crossing tails dangle at the bottom.

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