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Adorable French Bulldog has better taste in art than most of us (PHOTOS)

Meet Miss Pickle, the pooch who is introducing us to the art world, one abstract painting and bronze sculpture at a time. She already has more than 7,300 followers on the Instagram page dedicated to her, Pickle Beholding.

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Miss Pickle may not know that she’s the darling of the New York City art world but her owner, art adviser Katie Howard, sure does. “She loves anything that resembles dog toys,” Howard previously told The Daily Beast.

Howard’s brilliant idea to take her companion to some of the best art galleries and openings has created a unique way of introducing art to those who are less than enthusiastic about it. And behold Miss Pickle in all her cultured glory:

She has an appreciation for optic stimulators.

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Most dogs chase bicycles. Miss Pickle sees their artistic merit.

She also has a keen eye for statement art pieces.

We might not get abstract or concept art but Miss Pickle sure does.

Like most pooches, she loves a good stick.

She knows which shoes to chew — and which ones are art pieces.

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She always looks on the bright side.

Is this the cutest art critic you’ve ever seen? We certainly think so. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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