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Why I’m committed to a year of renewal and growth

In the Bible, there is talk about the year of Jubilee. Jubilee occurs about every 50 years when things are renewed and refreshed. It is a period of atonement, new birth and new growth. Debts are forgiven, and people begin on a clean slate. People look forward to a new beginning during Jubilee.

I have decided to make this next year of my life my personal Jubilee. While I am quite a few years away from Jubilee by Biblical definition, I have come to a place in my life’s journey that begs for a Jubilee. So many things in my life are out of whack, out of control and out of character. I would probably have some sort of mental breakdown if I were to wait for my year of Jubilee. Also, people only agree to Biblical mandate when it works in their favor, so it will never come to realization if I do not make it real for myself.

I have decided that all of the lemons thrown at me in this season require more than lemonade — more like a lemon meringue pie or a lemon pound cake with lemon icing. Yes, that’s it! I have decided I ultimately control my own destiny. I cannot and must not wait for Jubilee — I must take it. I must make the choices necessary to experience Jubilee here, now!

My Jubilee will not be as easy as it was in the Bible. My Jubilee will require growth, stretching, learning and — most importantly — changing. My Jubilee will require the death of old things and the birth of new things. My Jubilee may also require a re-birth of some things I’ve lost. I choose to have my Jubilee now.

As I look forward to celebrating the anniversary of my birth, I can reflect on some of my mistakes, find their lessons and move forward wiser and better. My mother once said to me, “The best lessons are the ones you pay for.” As I live and learn, I have to say she was right. I have definitely learned some lessons I don’t care to repeat. I have paid for some things when I should have known better or done better, but I thank God for Jubilee! I am thankful I get another year and another chance to be better and do better. Who is ready to join me on this Jubilee journey?

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