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Woman had brilliant idea to snag an iPhone 6s — without waiting in line

Who doesn’t want to be among the first people to get their hands on the latest iPhone? We would like to be, but we certainly aren’t willing to camp outside the Apple store — and neither is Sydney woman Lucy Kelly.

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Although, unlike us, Kelly had a brilliant idea to make sure she was one of the first to snag Apple’s iPhone 6s, but with only half the effort, because instead of waiting in line, she got a robot to do that for her.

The “telepresence robot” named “Lucy”, which according to Mashable is an “iPad attached to a Segway-type device”, was fourth in line at the George Street Apple store in Sydney — saving the human version of Lucy a lot of valuable time.

The robot was created by Californian company Double Robotics, and Kelly’s company, Atomic 212, has reportedly sourced and built six of these robots to play with in their office. So, how do they work?

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According to Mashable Australia, the robots work through an app which allows the person to connect from anywhere and communicate through the iPad. The robot only had to wait in line for one night and it even has its own tent, complete with a charger. Pretty impressive, right?

Kelly told Mashable Australia that the robot is “super cool”. Adding, “I wanted to be one of the first people to have the iPhone 6s, but obviously because of work I can’t spend two days standing in line waiting for a mobile phone. So my boss said, ‘Just take the robot down, you’ll still be able to do your work, but you’ll still be waiting in line.'”

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This a brilliant idea — and if you’re wondering if it paid off, it did. Lucy Kelly is now the proud owner of an iPhone 6s, thanks to her robot.

Are you jealous you didn’t think of this idea first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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