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Woman tormented by strange, ghostly activity in her kitchen (VIDEO)

There are a few among us who have had a strange, unexplained experience and believe it to be the work of something supernatural. But nothing has been quite as creepy as what happened recently in one Irish woman’s kitchen.

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Earlier this week, Ashy Murphy, who lives in Cork, Ireland, uploaded a creepy video to her Facebook page, and it looks like there is some paranormal activity happening in her kitchen.

Murphy is so freaked out about the fact that there appears to be a poltergeist in her house that she captioned the video with, “Its getting way worse i defo have to move house…”

The video begins with a ceiling lamp swinging back and forth before various kitchen objects are flung across the room, including her breadbox and a selection of pots and pans. But the really creepy moment happens when her cupboard doors fly open. Yikes.

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Of course, we’re a little skeptical as to whether it’s real, but there are plenty of commenters who certainly think it is. A commenter by the name of Christina wrote, “Your one brave girl I couldn’t stay there at all,” and another commenter, Jennie, agreed. She wrote, “Ash i dunno how your there i be well gone.”

One woman also offered up her advice, saying, “Have you tried asking a vicar to spread holy water in the house? Worked for my mum! No harm in trying xxx.”

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Unfortunately this is not the first time Murphy has had an unwanted visitor in her home either; she previously posted another video that shows her ceiling lamp swinging uncontrollably.

Watch the creepy video, and let us know what you think. Could it be real, or is it all just a very clever hoax?

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