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McDonald’s worker’s amazing act of kindness goes viral (PHOTO)

Fast-food workers don’t get a whole lot of respect in our society. Parents threaten their kids that if they don’t straighten up and fly right, they might end up flipping burgers for the rest of their lives. But a viral Facebook post featuring one McDonald’s worker who shut down his register to help a patron is doing wonders to remind folks that fast-food workers deserve a whole lot more respect.

Shot by a patron at a Chicago McDonald’s, the photo shows Kenny, a young cashier, cutting up food for a patron in a motorized wheelchair:

The photo has been shared nearly 300,000 times since being posted on Sept. 16 and turned into memes calling for better treatment of fast-food workers (many use Kenny as proof that a $15 minimum wage for the industry is necessary).

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The wage fight aside, the viral photo is ample proof that it doesn’t really take much to help our fellow man. All too often we get caught up in the money we don’t have to donate to charity or the time we don’t have to volunteer for nonprofits. But while these are good and necessary things, and the people who do give of their time and money are valuable members of society, even small efforts, like shutting down your cash register for a few moments to cut up food for someone who can’t do it themselves, can make such a difference.

Consider this: Kenny helped one man, but this photo could help change minds and garner some much-needed respect for countless other folks who work in jobs like him. He didn’t set out to do that, but he did.

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