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6 Decor tips to make a small bedroom look bigger

If you have a small bedroom in your house, it can definitely get frustrating when it comes time to furnish and decorate it. But don’t give up! There are plenty of tricks you can try that will make the room feel larger — and look beautiful too. Here are six ideas to get you started.

1. Get smart with storage

Bed with storage and drawers
Image: Value City Furniture’s Hanover Queen Storage Bed

Tiny rooms are usually lacking in the storage department. And once you add typical storage items — bookcases, dressers, armoires — you’re left with practically no floor space, except maybe a narrow walkway around your bed. So, have the furniture you buy help you out! Find furniture pieces (especially beds) that do double-duty. The bed featured above has drawers to store blankets and clothing, but it also has a deep headboard where books, lamps and clocks can be placed. (Notice how there’s no need for a side table?)

2. Go vertical

Little girl's bedroom set
Image: Value City Furniture’s Arts & Crafts Light II 5 pc. full bedroom by American Signature

Floor space is key to making the room feel larger. And since you don’t have much floor space to spare, use the walls. Find accessories and storage items that can be attached to your walls, such as floating shelves, baskets, lighting and even plants. If you use vertical solutions, you will be amazed at the space you will save.

3. Give it some green

Plants in bedroom
Image: Value City Furniture’s Plantation Cove Black Canopy 5 pc. king bedroom by American Signature

Natural elements in a room have a calming effect on the occupant and are known to boost feelings of positivity and relaxation. Since small, tight spaces tend to increase stress levels, be sure to incorporate a few plants in the decor. Similarly, to invoke feelings of serenity and peacefulness, you might want to avoid loud colors (think primary and neons) and instead buy linens or paint the walls in soft pastels (particularly light greens and blues).

4. Fake it

Low horizontal bedroom set
Image: Value City Furniture’s Dimora Black 7 pc. queen bedroom by Factory Outlet

You may have a small room, but there are definitely optical illusions you can try to make the room appear larger. This includes adding low, horizontal furniture to make the ceiling seem farther away. You can also hang your curtains much higher than the top of the window frame to give the room another vertical stretch. And if all else fails, go with subtle stripes. Either by painting or adding wallpaper, stripes trick your eyes into lengthening the room. So if you add horizontal ones, the room will seem wider. Vertical? Taller.

5. Make it quirky

Quirky bedroom
Image: Value City Furniture’s Cascade Merlot Collection

You never want to lose your identity while trying to make a small room work. So have fun with it. Let Buddha sit on the nightstand, hang pink antlers above your bed, and place the elephant vase by the door. Not only do these items show your true colors, but they also give the occupant focal points. Instead of them thinking, “Wow, this place feels really small,” they will say, “Oh my gosh, where did she get such a cool lamp?” Just be careful to not overdo it. Too much quirk can quickly lead to clutter.

6. Keep it small in guest bedrooms

Boys room with tennis theme
Image: Value City Furniture’s Winchester II 5 pc. full bedroom by Najarian

It’s important to remember that you are working with a small room — it just doesn’t have the volume of typical rooms. So like goldfish growing only to the size of their tank, keep things proportional. If you add large-scale pieces — like oversize chairs, weighty dressers or a king-size bed — to your tiny room, it will quickly feel cramped and may have guests feeling claustrophobic. Instead, opt for smaller furniture that fits the room’s size. Another thing to watch for? Choose pieces that are lifted (aka, have legs). The more floor space you see, the larger the room will feel.

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