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6 Tips for cat ladies who hate kitty litter

The joys of owning a cat are plentiful, but there’s one thing that every cat owner can agree upon: Cleaning up kitty litter sucks. Here are some ways to eliminate the box from your home forever.

1. Hire a kitty litter cleaning service

If your nose crinkles at the mere thought of getting near a smelly litter box, there are people out there who will actually come to your home and do the deed for you. One such company, called DoodyCalls, offers a full-service that includes not only cleaning but replacing the litter as well. So not only do you not ever need to clean your cat’s messes, you won’t even have to buy litter either.

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2. Get a self-cleaning litter box

Another option for cat owners looking to avoid the dreaded kitty litter duty is a cat box that cleans itself. There are a number of choices for every budget, starting at around $25 for a Roll ‘n Clean model that lets you roll the entire box to sift the litter and put the messy stuff into a reservoir. Or you can go all out and get an automatic, robotic self-cleaning litter box for around $369, which will do everything but throw away the little clumps of mess (alas, no machine we found would do that).

3. Try a scoop-free litter box

The idea of the scoop-free litter box is similar to the self-cleaning kind, except that you don’t have to dump out a reservoir full of smelly “presents.” This type of box is a self-cleaning unit that uses disposable trays. So when it’s time to clean up, you toss out the entire tray — including the reservoir that holds all the messy business. This model is for the cat owner who wants to stay as far away from litter as possible.

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4. Train your kitty to use the toilet

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of training Mr. Snuggles to use the toilet rather than his litter box. There are dozens of books and videos on the subject, all suggesting that it’s not as difficult as it might look. If you don’t like to share a bathroom with your kids or your partner, let alone your feline family members, you may want to designate a guest bath for the cat. But if you’ve got the extra toilet available, this could be a nice option.

5. Let your cat be an outdoor cat (sort of)

It’s widely known that indoor cats are much better off than outdoors cats. But there is a way to have the best of both worlds: a healthy indoor kitty and a litter box-free home. Just take a look at some of these amazing outdoor “catios” and see how they could change you and your cat’s life forever. Just be sure to give your furry buddy enough space (perhaps with a cat run included) to take care of business outside, plus full access to the outdoors any time he wants, and you’ll never have to touch litter again.

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6. Train your cat to walk on a leash

This option is great as it not only keeps a stinky litter box out of your home, but it also lets you and your cat get some exercise together. Training your cat to walk on a leash probably sounds daunting, but it can be done in just a few steps. According to the ASPCA, kittens are, of course, easier to leash train, but older cats are likely to take to training with a little patience. Once your cat has the routine down, you both can enjoy the great outdoors together. Keep in mind that you will have to pick up after your pet, just as dog owners do. Though, that’s a lot better than having to deal with it in the house, right?

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