New cosmetic procedure offers women temporary 24-hour breast lift

There’s a new Cinderella story to tell, ladies, but this version has little to do with a glass slipper. According to the Daily Mail, New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe is “injecting half a liter of sterile saline solution” into women’s breasts, resulting in a 24-hour enhancement. The procedure lasts a brief 20 minutes, and for an approximate $2,500, your chest can grow up to two cup sizes for one night only.

This is a significant amount of cash for a (very) limited time offer, and I have my suspicions that the procedure in question might not be worth your buck. At a fraction of that price, a woman could easily buy herself a push-up bra, guaranteeing her the same results, not to mention zero side effects.

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Granted, sterile saline is only a salt water solution, but the “how” rather than the “what” in terms of this procedure raises a potential issue. Consultant plastic surgeon at Cosmetic Surgeons London Nilesh Sojitra told the Daily Mail that, “A procedure like this would involve being injected with a significant-sized needle, which could cause bleeding. It could cause a large bruise and could potentially cause a large pool of blood inside the body. Because it’s an unregulated procedure, there are no studies showing how the saline solution might interact with breast tissue and cells.”

Of course, like any plastic surgery or body transformation procedure, there is risk. However, because this concept is so new, there is little research to support whether the amount of saline solution being injected will affect the body negatively and/or to what extent.

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At first glance, the pros seem to fall short of the cons here. For celebs attending award shows or hosting events, I could maybe understand their being in favor of this new development. After all, what’s 2K when you’re making a million every time you blink? But for the everyday woman, I have my doubts.

After all, Cinderalla taught us to find those who love you even after the clock strikes midnight and you’re just your everyday self. We are so willing to undergo these ridiculous procedures for an attempt at an image that we don’t have to buy into, even if it’s just for one night. We are beautiful every hour of every day and do not need temporary, surgical enhancements to prove it.