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10 Kinda tacky home decorations we secretly want to buy

These home decorations may be a bit tacky, but don’t even try to tell us you don’t secretly want one.

1. Studio Bocca lip sofa

lip-shaped couch
Image: AllModern

A classic! This couch shaped like a red lipstick-stained smooch is something every gal has always wanted in her boudoir. (AllModern, $1,100)

2. Dog & fire hydrant bookends

dog peeing on fire hydrant bookends
Image: KnobCreekMetalArts/Etsy

The iconic image of a dog peeing on a fire hydrant can be yours to giggle at every day if you buy these metal bookends. Sure, it looks like the dog is peeing on your books, but maybe that’s where you keep your copy of all those fancy books your college English professor made you read. (Etsy, $65)

3. Salt Magic salt and pepper shakers


When you pick up these salt and pepper shakers that allow you to magically season your meal, you’re going to claim it’s “for the kids.” Your secret is safe with us. (, $11)

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4. Aquarium coffee table

aquarium coffee table
Image: Wayfair

Just in case the movie you’re watching is that boring, an aquarium coffee table will provide hours of fun for everyone — except the fish, who will almost certainly dart into the glass every time someone puts down the remote. (Wayfair, $769)

5. Han Solo trapped in carbonite desk

Han Solo in carbonite desk
Image: Tom Spina Designs

Because nothing says “I’m a serious professional” like a desk made from a replica of a beloved sci-fi icon. (Tom Spina Designs, contact seller for pricing)

6. Lava lamp

lava lamp
Image: Jet

Yeah, they’re kinda ’70s, but there’s something charming about watching the colorful goo ebb and flow — just like having a fish tank coffee table you don’t have to feed or clean up after. (Jet, $35)

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7. (Faux) Bear skin rug

faux bear skin rug
Image: Walmart

Picture it: Cozying up with your man on a faux bear skin rug next to a roaring fire… a glass of pinot resting comfortably in your cupped hand as he feeds you a chocolate-dipped strawberry. This is the life! (Walmart, $179)

8. LEGO light switch plate

lego light switch plate
Image: ThinkGeek

The best way to use this outside your kid’s room is in the garage. Of course, it’s also fun to build up so many LEGOs around the switch that your sweetie has to dismantle it to turn the light on. (ThinkGeek, $10)

9. Slightly-too-creative garden gnomes

mooning garden gnome
Image: Amazon

Regular garden gnomes are decreasing in popularity. Perhaps it’s because they are so overdone. But some manufacturers have taken the garden gnome to the next level. From ghoulish zombies to cheeky pranksters like this mooning garden gnome , we’d all really like one of these to tell our neighbors how we really feel in a socially acceptable format. (Amazon, $10)

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10. Giant bean bag chair

Image: Brookstone

Remember when you were in college when a bean bag chair wasn’t just acceptable, it was cool? Me neither. But boy are they cozy… and one you can sleep on is even better. (Brookstone, $240)

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