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Woman born without legs breaks fashion barriers as lingerie model

Kanya Sesser has a career that rivals that of many supermodels.

The 23-year-old Oregon native is pulling in $1,000 a day as a lingerie model — and she’s proving that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and body types.

Sesser was born without legs, but what some might view as a disability made her into the determined, accomplished woman she is today.

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And she’s absolutely stunning.

“I was mainly doing athletics shoots then as I got older I got into lingerie modeling,” Sesser said, according to the New York Daily News. “It’s something fun and it shows my story — I’m different and that is sexy, I don’t need legs to feel sexy.”
She started modeling for sports brands like Billabong when she 15, but lingerie allows her to show her “strength” and expand society’s view of “what beauty can look like.”

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Mission accomplished.

But posing for cameras isn’t the only thing Sesser excels at: She’s currently prepping for the 2018 Winter Paralympics in the mono-ski event. Until then, she’ll continue to inspire through modeling, though she prefers to go natural when she’s not in front of the camera.

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“Outside of work I don’t wear makeup,” she said. “I can be girly and I don’t mind wearing it — I like getting my makeup done when I am on a shoot.

“But people say I’m beautiful whether I’m wearing makeup or not.”

We 100 percent agree, Kanya!

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