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Rainbow colored eyebrow trend looks surprisingly stunning

There’s a new hair-dying trend sweeping Instagram.

First it was dying underarm hair every color of the rainbow. Now? Well, it still involves every color of the rainbow, but the hair is on your face, not your armpits. That’s right: The most daring are dyeing their eyebrows from their natural color to ones that are little more eye-catching, like blue, red, and purple.

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And yes, they’re all on fleek.

We love the look. Anything that helps you show off your individuality and personal style is something we’re always 100 percent behind.

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That said, please go to a professional if you’re ready to dye your arches. Oxidative dyes (like those found in most hair coloring and brow dye, require an oxidative agent (like hydrogen peroxide) to work.
This means there’s a possibility for serious allergic reactions or even blindness if you get some of the dye into your eyes.

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A professional understands the risks and will be able to apply in a way that avoids your eyes while still giving you the color you desire. Plus, many hair colors require a clean slate (of sorts) for it to stick, meaning you’ll have to bleach your brows before going bright. This brings with it even more risk, so it’s better to leave it to the pros.

Be prepared, though: The average lifespan of eyebrow hair is about four months, meaning you’ll be doing a lot of upkeep to keep your color bright.

But it’ll be totally worth it for eyebrows like these.

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