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10 Cringeworthy selfie fails

There are a few things you should keep in mind as you move about in the world. Pay attention to your surroundings, keep alert of animals around you, watch where you’re walking and don’t look at your phone while you drive. These people don’t seem to have gotten the memo, as their impressive selfie fails can attest to this.

Turns out that selfies can be more deadly than shark attacks, which is an incredibly grim statistic. Fortunately, most selfie fails don’t result in serious injury or death, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t inopportune circumstances that just happen to be captured during the perfect selfie attempt.


Selfie singalong fail
Cute video, right? Well, what starts out as a goofy singalong, where four friends try to make a friend they left behind feel better, certainly goes foul when a tire pops and chaos ensues.

Dumpster fire

You may want to stand somewhere else while someone puts out a dumpster fire.

When squirrels attack

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We all know by now that selfies with wild animals are a huge no-no, right? But surely taking a selfie with a squirrel is okay. Well… maybe not.

And camels, too

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A camel may seem like a benign, domesticated animal, but turn your back for the perfect selfie and it just might try to eat your face.

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And quite possibly your beloved family pet

Cat selfie fail

Cats! Selfies! What could go wrong? Just because your cat is awesome doesn’t mean she’s not going to try to pull out all of your hair when you attempt a selfie.

A near miss
A sideline reporter was taking in batting practice at Fenway Park when she decided to take a selfie. Amazingly, this ball completely missed her head, but she got an incredible shot out of it. And on that note, you should probably avoid turning your back towards the playing field during batting practice, and definitely while a game is going on.

Don’t selfie stick and drive

Cool idea bro, but the first rule of driving should probably be to look at the road.

No harm came to this driver who is also stupidly looking at his selfie stick as he goes down the road — and incredibly, his phone seems to have also escaped unscathed.

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Lightning photobomb

Thankfully this couple wasn’t vaporized in an instant while on an idyllic vacation. Eesh.

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