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Vlogger uses makeup to make important point about female empowerment (WATCH)

Amber Rose made a huge statement at the 2015 MTV VMAs without saying a word. The model and actress walked the red carpet wearing a dress emblazoned with just a few of the nasty words that are thrown at her on social media.

“I decided to wear every derogatory word you can possibly call a woman because people call us that all the time,” Rose said of why she and friend Blac Chyna wore the dresses. “We’re mothers and we’re entrepreneurs, and we’re beautiful and we’re young and we’re sexual beings and we’re not scared of that. So we decided to just kind of bring that message of awareness.”

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Incredible makeup artist Jordan Hanz was inspired by Rose’s strong message and created her own video, “Unattainable Woman,” which further explores the labels women face on the daily.

“These ideals are unattainable and impractical. How dare you tell me who to be and what is wrong or right?” Hanz asks in the video as she paints the nasty words women hear every day. “If a woman shows confidence, defends herself, shows a differing opinion than what someone else may have, she’s considered a bitch.

“If a woman is plus-sized or has even a larger body type, she’s viewed as lazy,” she continues. “If we have emotional baggage, depression, anxiety, scars, we’re nothing more than just damaged goods.”

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The stop-motion video makes the point that though others may label us, we don’t have to play by other people’s rules. We can be whomever we want to be and “we are more than the labels that the society we live in gives us.”

Basically, do you and offer no apologies.

And that’s a message every woman — no matter our age, color, weight or sexual orientation — needs to hear and absorb.

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