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Ben Carson’s comments about a Muslim president cause a stir

What’s more American than baseball, apple pie and Islamphobia?

Last night, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson stated that he would not support a Muslim as president, which makes sense since probably very few Muslims would support Ben Carson as president (at least not after that statement). Carson held that Islam is a religion incompatible with the American Constitution — an interesting stance to take, considering that the very same Constitution explicitly forbids religious tests for anyone seeking to hold public office.

But we digress! This latest failed attempt of Ben Carson to out-Trump the Donald himself has resulted in one good thing: namely, a righteous takedown from all corners of the Internet. Read, enjoy and follow these good folks, and maybe consider writing in one of their names on your primary ballot instead of throwing a vote down the sucking void that is Ben Carson’s presidential campaign.

Freedom of the right religion.

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For people who idolize the Founding Fathers, right-wingers like Carson aren’t very good at knowing much about what those guys actually said regarding religion. (Spoilers: Jefferson wrote about how the preamble to the Constitution explicitly omitted a reference to Jesus, so that it would be clear that it applied not only to Christians but also to “Mahometans,” also known as Muslims; “Hindoos”; and “Infidels”.)

Turns out being a talented surgeon and a total asshole are not mutually exclusive.

“Enshrining my personal beliefs about marriage equality or reproductive rights as law is all well and good, but don’t you even think about it!”

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If there’s one thing the USA is good at, it’s treating a group of people like second-class citizens.
“Muslims have beheaded people so one of them can’t be president!” What was that thing the Bible said about the mote in your brother’s eye? P.S. If you don’t follow everything Ta-Nehisi Coates does on Twitter, you are missing the point of the Internet, and shame on you.

I believe the children are our future. And I believe the future’s going to be awesome.

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A polite tone of voice does not cancel out the bigotry in your words.

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