Unisex makeup is about to make a big splash

Peter and Harry Brant’s latest project focuses on making huge strides in the beauty industry for men. Sons of supermodel Stephanie Seymour, the brother duo launched a unisex collection with MAC cosmetics Friday, further encouraging the conversation of makeup for males.

According to 17-year-old Harry, makeup is like fashion, and he uses it to “express himself.” The line is comprised of four products: a cream-colored base, brow finisher, concealer and correction palette that the brand assures are “effortless, yet deliciously chic touch to simple, clean, glamorous products ideal for recreating their flawless visages in men and women alike.”

As of late, the beauty industry is seeing a steady increasing interest in cosmetics from men. Top YouTube beauty vloggers include Manny Mua, Jordan Liberty and Paolo Ballesteros — men who are passionate about makeup artistry applied to others as well as to themselves.

We’re living in progressive times, friends. What would have been considered obscene only a few years back is now accepted by a vast majority of people. While I personally would not date a man who wore beauty products like lipstick or eyeshadow, I support the efforts being made to expand the beauty industry and to have beauty products specifically adapted to the needs and desires of males.

Beauty, like fashion, is universal. We all want to feel attractive and comfortable in our own skin, and through this collaboration, the industry is taking a step in a very open and accepting environment for both genders.

“I don’t think a lot of men would think to use some of our products, and they should.,“ Harry tells MAC, discussing the relationship between men and makeup. “But it’s not really pointed out to them. Eyebrow gel, highlighter… these are all things that would look really great on guys, and it’s not ‘girlie’ to use it on them. It changes the way you look.”

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We’re all accustomed to the concept. Makeup transforms the face and creates a separate, illuminated self. I think men and women alike share memories of watching our mothers put on their makeup before taking on her daily routine. From the perspective of a millennial, it was not common to come across a household where the father figure openly applied makeup in front of his family.

Peter and Harry’s collection with MAC is undoubtedly further advancing gender-neutral products. There is a strong chance that the next generation will see both parents pampering their skin at night and applying cosmetics in the morning. This is one small step for cosmetics, one large leap for gender equality.


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