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Woman uses incredible makeup skills to turn into your favorite celebrities

YouTube is filled with talented makeup artists able to transform their faces with a few swipes of foundation and bronzer.

But one South Dakota-based makeup artist takes her transformations to a whole other level. Earlier this year, Rebecca Swift decided to start a 100-day makeup challenge where she would transform her face into a different celebrity every day.

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The results are incredible. Her level 100 contouring skills actually make her look almost identical to the celebrity she’s emulating.

Here’s what she looks like. Absolutely gorgeous.

But she’s absolutely unrecognizable when she creates her celebrity looks. So far, she’s transformed into everyone from Sofia Vergara to Ellen DeGeneres.

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And it’s not just female celebrities: She’s also done Donald Trump.

Along with George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt and more.

And an absolutely spot-on Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

She caught the makeup bug after helping out during Omaha Fashion Week a few years ago, but it’s clear she was meant to be an artist with blush, powder and mascara as her tools.

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“On average, I’d say it takes around 30-45 minutes [to complete the looks]. And I know that the looks aren’t perfect,” she recently told The Huffington Post. “The style is really theatrical and I don’t spend a ton of time on blending. I want to work on that in the future. But the challenge is just for fun.”

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