‘History of the bra’ is an eye-opening trip down memory lane (VIDEO)

There is probably no garment more universally debated and abhorred than the bra. For many women, it is a non-negotiable article of clothing and we have a love hate relationship with the darn thing. But do we know its history?

A fantastic new video from Glamour walks us through the years of history involved with the bra. It is eye-opening to say the least. See below:

What I find amazing about the video is not just the way the bra has changed over the years, but also the way the trends have changed when it comes to our breasts. We have been curvy and flat and bulleted and pointy and nippled and satin-y and we have done it all with aplomb. Seriously, though, I had no idea that in the 1970’s there was a bra with nipples on it. How weird and random!

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There were some bras I’d like to bring back, too. The bullet bra looks like it probably made a sweater look pretty hot. I would happily try that again. But the other bras look so binding and restrictive, it’s shocking they ever flourished. I am very glad I didn’t live in Roman times.

The bottom line seems to be this: Bras go through trends just like everything else. And if you look at the scope of human history and what was “in” at certain times versus other times, you can get a good sense of your body, how it fits, and how if it’s not “in” now, it likely was in the past.

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Maybe we could let go of some of our body shame and hate if we realized that our curves or our small breasts or our prominent nipples have all had their moments in the spotlight. Or maybe we could stop caring at all and just love ourselves as we are. Whole. Perfect.


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