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15 Housewarming gifts under $30 people will actually appreciate

You don’t have to break the bank to get your friend a housewarming gift she’ll really appreciate. These 15 gifts are between $5 and $30, so you can find something your friend will actually like that also fits in your budget.

1. Classic glass teapot

glass teapot
Image: Plow & Hearth

This simple glass teapot transforms into decor in its own right when your friend fills it with a hot beverage and edible flowers. (Plow & Hearth, $30)

2. Crown maple syrup

crown maple syrup
Image: The Savory Pantry

The problem with showing up with a bottle of wine is that people feel they have to open and share it. Crown maple syrup is a tasty and unique gift made from 100 percent pure, certified-organic maple syrup. And they won’t feel bad saving it for tomorrow’s breakfast. (The Savory Pantry, $23)

3. Stem Metal & CitriTwist

stem metal and citritwist
Image: Quirky/YouTube

The Stem Metal & CitriTwist is such a clever set of devices, you have to see the video to believe it. The CitriTwist makes quick work of juicing citrus fruits and the Stem Metal spritzer pops right into your favorite juicy fruit for the freshest possible spray of lemon, lime or orange juice you can come by. (Carid, $25)

4. Rittenhouse Rye

rittenhouse rye
Image: K&L Wine Merchants

The darling of the New York bartending scene, Rittenhouse Rye is woody and succulent with a touch of caramel sweetness. (K&L Wine Merchants, $24)

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5. Tilia Scentsy warmer

tilia scentsy
Image: Scentsy

This nature-inspired Scentsy warmer will go with anyone’s decor. Every time they smell the gentle scents of their favorite fragrance bars, they’ll think of you. (Scentsy, $30)

6. The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

mobile spice kit
Image: UncommonGoods

Whether it’s a young couple just starting to experiment with spices other than salt and pepper or a friend who loves taking their culinary skills to the great outdoors, this compact refillable kit featuring a host of spices is a fun and convenient way to get their flavor on. (UncommonGoods, $26)

7. Bouquet hummingbird feeder

hummingbird feeder
Image: UncommonGoods

Nothing tops off that new patio like this elegant hummingbird feeder featuring a glass nectar receptacle with a red glass blossom so they can sit back with a cocktail and watch the graceful beauty of their new fast-moving feathered friends. (UncommonGoods, $28)

8. Whiskey stones

whisky stones
Image: This Is Why I’m Broke

They may look like mini sculptures by the world’s least creative artist, but inside these unassuming cubes of soapstone is the ability to retain the chill of the freezer for up to an hour without watering down drinks. (This Is Why I’m Broke, $20)

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9. Slate cheese boards with soapstone chalk

cheese board chalkboard
Image: UncommonGoods

This slate cheeseboard comes with food-safe soapstone chalk so each type of cheese can be labeled. (UncommonGoods, $29)

10. Monochromatic playing cards

monochromatic playing cards
Image: Gent Supply Co.

Even if your friends don’t play cards much, a set of monochromatic playing cards is an elegant and inexpensive decorative touch. (Gent Supply Co., $15)

11. His & hers aprons

Mrs. apron with rhinestone lips, Mr. apron with mustache
Image: Amazon

For the couple who likes to cook, these adorable his-and-hers aprons will add a little levity to their time together in the kitchen or in front of the grill. (Amazon, $25)

12. Stainless steel branch skewers

branch-shaped skewers
Image: UncommonGoods

Straight skewers are so last season! These branch-shaped skewers work for veggies, meats and even marshmallows. (UncommonGoods, $25)

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13. Red maple bonsai tree seeds

red maple bonsai tree
Image: CheapSeeds/Etsy

Your friend can celebrate their new home by planting this uncommon red maple bonsai tree, which remains a living hallmark of their time in their new home. (Etsy, $5)

14. Kitchen Maestro pizza scissors

pizza scissors with built-in spatula
Image: Amazon

These ingenious pizza scissors will only seem weird until the first time your pal uses them. (Amazon, $11)

15. Tea light-heated fondue for two

tea light heated fondue and sauce pot
Image: UncommonGoods

This retro-modern fondue pot is heated by a tea light and isn’t just about keeping fondue or chocolate nice and gooey. It also doubles as a sauce warmer. (UncommonGoods, $30)

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