5 Untapped resources millennials should leverage at work

Sep 20, 2015 at 11:16 a.m. ET
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The number of millennials in the workforce continues to rise. Armed with advanced education and on-the-job training, they're taking over important roles within companies and organizations. In order to keep advancing, you'll need the resources necessary to not only succeed, but to get promotions and grow your career. Here are several ways to gain and keep momentum by tapping into these five resources right at your fingertips.

Seek out mentorship

Millennials find inspiration in the actions, ideas and insights of those around them. Connected and savvy, you know where to find what you need. You seek out amazing Instagram photos while planning vacations and YouTube videos to learn just about anything. It only makes sense for you to apply that same investigative attitude to the workplace. Finding a mentor you can respect and trust, whether it is someone within their organization or the overall industry, will provide a young professional with invaluable first-hand experience, guidance and knowledge.

Take advantage of continuous learning

The professional workforce changes constantly. Getting stuck in a professional rut can mean handling responsibilities less efficiently, so it's crucial to adapt to changes in your company or industry. The Women’s Foodservice Forum urges young professionals to attend webinars and seminars or to sign up for industry-related online courses. Continuous learning opportunities keep you up to date with trends, tactics and techniques to hone or refresh your skills and advance professionally.

Network internally and externally

Find the networking opportunities in every meeting you attend. Whether at an industry event or socializing generally, connecting with as many people as possible is an essential key to success. You never know who you'll bump into when you're grabbing your second cup of coffee at an industry conference. Every connection you make has the potential to help support you. Keep adding to your personal and professional network — you never know when you'll need to reach out to one of your connections.

Join professional associations and organizations

Join a professional association or organization tied to your industry. Like one-on-one networking, these groups provide you face time with important people who are excelling in your field. And you'll have more chances to network, share insights and socialize.

Advocate for yourself

You've heard the myth that millennials in the workplace are entitled or lazy. You know that's not true of you and your peers, and organizations are learning that it's not the case. A big part of showcasing your work ethic — and busting that millennial myth — is the confidence to advocate for your skills and contributions. Young professionals are offered the job based on talent, skills and capabilities, and you should take pride in showcasing the ways you continue to step up to the plate.

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