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Tony Abbott is no longer the prime minster, and the Internet is saying goodbye

Prime Minister Tony Abbott had been plagued by low opinion polls, but the recent news about his politic career is still shocking: Mr. Abbott has been ousted as leader of the Liberal Party by Malcolm Turnbull, The Guardian reports.

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On Monday night, the party held a late-night ballot, which Mr. Abbott lost with 44 votes to his communication minister’s 54 votes, making Mr. Turnbull Australia’s fourth prime minister since 2013.

The Internet has reacted to the news with the hashtag #PutOutYourOnions, commemorating Abbott for his run as prime minister — and mocking the time he ate an onion (skin and all) while touring an onion farm in Tasmania.

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It appears a lot of people are glad to be bidding farewell to Mr. Abbott.

Rejoice much?

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And there are those who just really love a good onion joke.

Is anyone actually sad that Mr. Abbott’s political run is over?

This woman may be.

Are you shocked there is yet another prime minister? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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