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11 Inexpensive ways to revamp your kitchen cabinets

Wish your kitchen cabinets had a little pizazz? Don’t hire a professional until you’ve seen how easy these tutorials are.

1. How to paint kitchen cabinets

Giving your kitchen a fresh look doesn’t have to involve advanced techniques — a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint might do the trick. But before you grab a brush and put on your Sunday worst, be sure you know the proper way to prepare, paint and finish those cabinet doors.

2. How to refinish with chalk paint

Kitchen cabinets tutorial using chalk paint
Image: Savvy Southern Style

Kim from Savvy Southern Style chronicles her kitchen island’s remodel using chalk paint, an increasingly popular paint for redoing furniture and cabinetry since it doesn’t require sanding or priming and distresses naturally once the paint dries.

3. How to achieve the Pottery Barn black finish

Why spend months on your kitchen cabinets trying to emulate the worn black finish found on so many of Pottery Barn’s home furnishings when Sarah from The Yellow Cape Cod has already perfected the technique for you?

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4. How to use Vaseline to distress furniture

This clever and easy painting technique uses a common household item to achieve a surprisingly realistic aged look. Vaseline really does have endless uses.

5. How to distress painted furniture with sandpaper

With only a bit of sandpaper, Adrienne from Chic California shows you how to work a cabinet panel for a nuanced aged look that doesn’t overdo it on the distress.

6. How to paint and antique cabinets

How to paint and antique cabinets
Image: See Cate Create

Cate from See Cate Create walks you through a project she undertook to help some friends save their kitchen after a remodel gone wrong. A kitchen on the edge is transformed by hard work and expertise as bare wood becomes gorgeous antiqued cream cabinets and an eye-catching antiqued black kitchen island.

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7. How to gel stain kitchen cabinets

Invaluable for refinishing old furniture and cabinets, gel stain is loved by woodworkers for its deep, lustrous finish that imbues a kitchen cabinet with a beautiful hand-rubbed finish after two to three coats. Unlike thinner stains, gel stains don’t require sanding between coats to achieve a professional finish.

8. How to stencil cabinets

If you’ve been searching for something a little more distinctive than simply staining or painting your cabinets, Better Homes and Gardens may have just the solution. Stencils come in a wide range of shapes and styles and can transform your kitchen without breaking the bank.

9. How to glaze kitchen cabinets

Meghan Carter, host of Ask The Decorator, walks you through this easy glazing technique to bring a rustic, antiqued look to your cabinets.

10. How to give cabinets antique glazing and decorative moulding

How To distress your kitchen cabinets
Image: Our Fifth House

How to give painted white cabinets antique glazing and decorative moulding — just a few of the things you will learn from Carmel at Our Fifth House as she takes you through the process of remodeling her kitchen.

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11. Transform a cupboard with decoupage
It may have been a while since your last attempt at decoupage, but with a little help from EziBuy’s quick video guide, you can use this time-honored art form to make your kitchen really pop.

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