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Alexa Chung’s new fashion app is like Pinterest with a ‘buy’ button

Getting that lust-worthy, on-trend wardrobe just got a little bit easier thanks to style icon Alexa Chung’s latest venture — a social fashion app called Villoid.

Villoid, which Chung co-founded with tech entrepreneur Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik, is a social style app that blends the best of Instagram and Pinterest… along with a dangerously convenient buy button.

So what inspired the 31-year-old British model, actress, author, media personality, designer and style icon?

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“I suppose that scene in Clueless where the computer puts an outfit together from Cher’s wardrobe really stayed with me,” said Chung in a statement. “Clothes are fun, making mistakes is fun, being inspired is fun. Villoid celebrates the process of getting dressed and showing your friends.”

The basics? The app works by using mood boards (sort of like Pinterest), where you and other users can upload images of the fashion you love or find inspiring.

Villoid app

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While you can create your own fashion community by uploading your own style and connecting with your friends, the key to Villoid is the sense of play, discovery and instant sartorial gratification. The app also lets you follow style sensations and celebs, like Chung, to catch a glimpse of what they’re wearing or wanting, and lets you participate in their fashion scene.

And if you see something you have to have, you just click to instantly buy it from affiliate sites. You can also add items to your Villoid “love list” — a shareable wish list featuring your fave style choices so your loved ones can easily find exactly what you want most when it comes time to give you a gift. And the app lets you follow your favourite brands for news and updates on sales and discounts as a bit of an insider perk.

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Villoid lets you know when something you like is about to blow up (trendwise). Once you’re part of a Villoid community, the app sends you notifications when a particular item is especially popular or about to sell out — allowing you to stay on top of the trends via your mobile device.

Becoming a Villoid user expands your fashion reach and turns your fashion influencers into personal-style collaborators.

Download the free Villoid app at the iTunes app store, and then start following, sharing and buying.

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