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Beauty vlogger shares moving video about overcoming her disability (WATCH)

We often associate the term “disability” with “restriction,” but so many women (and men) with disabilities actually view their disability as an obstacle to overcome. Enter beauty blogger Jordan Bone.

In 2005, Bone was involved in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down without the ability to open and close her hands. In April of 2010, Bone decided to launch her own beauty channel on YouTube, careful not to show her wheel chair. She edited out the frustrating moments that left her in tears as she struggled to hold on to her identity, doing things that were once so simple for her.

It wasn’t until this past August that Bone decided to open up to her 100,000 subscribers about her accident in response to their pressing questions regarding the way she held her hands.

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“Most of the time, when I upload a video, I have questions about my hands. The truth is, I can’t move them, open them or close them,” she reveals to her followers. “And it’s all because 10 years ago I became a tetraplegic.”

The video is titled “My Beautiful Struggle.” An endearing description of her circumstances, she assures her viewers that despite daily frustrations and the tears that still fall, she refuses to allow this speed bump to end her journey.

“I have many challenges right now. My injury is just one of them, but I know that life will get better. My hands haven’t been able to move in ten years, but I’ve taught myself a new way of doing my makeup. So if something is standing in your way, maybe it means trying a different way.”

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The human mind knows no limitation. It is pure human instinct that drives us to persevere at our lowest point. There is no shame in mourning our losses, as John Green would like to remind us “pain demands to be felt.” However, stories like Bone’s remind us of our immense strength and our abilities to work through our hardships.

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