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Firefighter comforts 4-year-old boy in unusual way after crash (PHOTO)

It truly is the littlest acts of kindness and compassion that can make the biggest differences in people’s lives. A photo of a firefighter and a 4-year-old car crash victim that is going viral captures one of those acts in all its heartwarming glory.

The boy was traveling in an SUV in D’lberville, Mississippi, with his mom and four siblings when they were involved in a crash. As the boy lay on the ground waiting for an ambulance, firefighter Casey Lessard lay down beside the boy and played the movie Happy Feet to keep the boy calm and entertained. The Sun Herald captured the moment, and it’s pretty amazing.

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It’s such a small thing, but a beautiful gesture nonetheless. He didn’t just do his job — he led with his heart and his instincts. The boy’s mother, I’m sure, is eternally grateful to know her son was treated so kindly by a stranger in a time of crisis.

If only we all took that extra minute to act out of compassion and just plain kindness toward others, even when it’s not our job. From a simple smile to stopping ourselves from posting that snarky, mean comment online, the world be such a better place for us all if we all just did a little and went a little above and beyond what we have to do in our daily lives.

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As for the boy, he was uninjured. Other members of his family are still recovering and undergoing medical treatment. A page has been set up to collect donations for them.

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