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The famed ‘Human Barbie’ finally shares a no-makeup selfie

Coined as the “Human Barbie” back in 2013, Valeria Lukyanova puts on quite the face of makeup, but it turns out that underneath all the cosmetics, this Ukrainian woman looks more like a human and less like a doll.

The Mattel doll look-a-like has apparently joined the makeup-free selfie movement. The verdict? She’s beautiful, of course, but this does remind us to never underestimate the power of makeup.
From the moment Lukyanova surfaced as Barbie come to life, I was less interested in her plastic persona and more curious to see what this woman looked like behind the Barbie act (no matter how amazing her cosmetic artistry may be).

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And to finally see the woman behind the cosmetic mask is humbling.
There is no such thing as the perfect woman, and while there is no denying Lukyanova is gorgeous when she’s in character, she is also a natural beauty.
If we’ve learned anything from this woman, it is not what cosmetics can do for us, but rather that behind the enhancement, being our natural selves is still enough.

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