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Shocking photos show models before and after their makeup

We all know the power makeup has to transform. But for many women, our relationship to it is a bit love/hate. Sure, it makes us “prettier,” but it is also a time (and money) suck and people, men included, react to our made up faces in varying ways. One makeup artist is showing us just how much we are transformed by that morning application of the good stuff. And wow, is it eye-opening.

Melissa Murphy is a makeup artist who works with all kinds of models. Some are working for Playboy, and others are models and actresses. The transformations are really stunning. See for yourself below:
Stunning, right?

I am no huge fan of makeup and my husband definitely is not. He always notices every time I even attempt to look better and complains about it. “Why do you need that lipstick?!” But I want to show this to him to prove what makeup can do.

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All of these women are naturally beautiful. That much is obvious from their before photos. But makeup adds something to their look. It says, “Hello, I thought it was important to look good today.” I can see how, in the right circumstances, makeup can be a huge confidence booster. After all, it really does change everything about the face. Sure, that fresh, dewy face is lovely, but the made up face is flawless. Every line, every blemish is magically gone. The eyes look bigger and wider, the lips more defined and sexy.

Obviously, we all know makeup can do this, but quite frankly, most of the makeup we see around us is done wrong. This is what it can look like when makeup is done right. Even a generally makeup-fearing gal like me can see that.

I will say that I have been trying a bit more recently. I have been putting on the BB cream and a little bit of blush. I’ve been applying mascara and even brushing my hair (don’t ask) and it’s been so much nicer. I feel so much better about myself.

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So while these women are gorgeous, they look equally gorgeous (and definitely more glamorous) all made up. Here’s one more:

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