No one is safe from Internet shenanigans, not even Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has become Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, and to pay tribute to Her Majesty, fans took to Twitter to post interesting and accurate facts about her…

Or did they?

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The trending hashtag #QueenFacts started out as a way to honour the British royal but has since turned into a hilarious Twitter joke — and some of the tweets will leave you in stitches of laughter.

Below is a selection of the made-up facts that prove no one is ever really safe from the Internet, not even our favourite royal.

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Er… what? Did the queen pose with a golden frame?

You definitely don’t want to leave scissors lying around.

Anyone lose a red tricycle?

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Her Majesty apparently has some serious musical skills.

These Internet jokesters have thought up plenty of alternate professions for Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Charles may want to avoid his Twitter feed today.

Last but not least, Her Majesty is master of the chessboard.

Once again, the Internet has provided us with endless hours of entertainment. But unfortunately some people really missed the mark on the whole #QueenFacts tag thing — much to our delight.

On a serious note, though, congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II on her milestone achievement.


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