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The essential beauty tip women should take from a man’s routine

Allow me to preface this by stating that beauty products are not the enemy. My cosmetics are very much my friends and we often brunch or catch a flick together. But the truth is, my daily beauty routine requires minimal — if any — product, and that is exactly the way I like it.

I started working from home about a year after I graduated college once I racked up enough remote freelancing gigs that allowed me to write full time. The thought of going to my 9-5 in sweats with a stocked fridge at my disposal was definitely attractive after taking the early train to New York for the past three years. That said, it didn’t take long to miss dolling up for the day. As time went on, though, I still missed the fancy clothes but I did not miss caking on the cosmetics.

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Sitting in front of a desktop does not require a full face of cosmetic enhancement, but I felt completely naked without product. I admit to dabbing on a touch of foundation before logging on to chat with my editors. After all, it’s instilled in us that this is what working women do.

But after a month of scribbling in notebooks at my dining room table and submitting articles in the comfort of my pajama pants and T-shirts, I had an epiphany. How ridiculous was it that I felt I had an obligation to adhere to society’s beauty standards from my own home?

These days, my beauty routine resembles a man’s morning touch up because men have one thing right when it comes to their “beauty” routines and that is simplicity.

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Now my morning routine consists of a quick shower using either the WEN Fall Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner or TRESemme Shampoo. Monday through Friday I skip the blowout and straightening session and opt for a good brush through, allowing my hair to air dry and style as it pleases (quite a flattering wave that I’ve learned to love). If I know someone will visit, I apply the Almay Truly Lasting Color Foundation and cover up any unwanted blemishes using the Almay Clear Complexion Concealer. Most days, however, I skip makeup altogether.

It strictly has become a weeknight outing or weekend luxury for myself, and honestly, my skin has never felt better. Breakouts are (mostly) a thing of the past and not layering on product after product has improved my confidence because I have learned to love my face for all its natural beauty.

Do not misunderstand me. I still adore glamming up for a night with my guy or grabbing dinner with friends, but when it comes down to it, I figured out firsthand that women do not need makeup to feel beautiful. This is an illusion we’ve come to believe due to our obsession with celebrities and the all too persuasive media. It’s time more of us gave our bare faces the chance to shine, so next time you’re not feeling the cosmetic craze, skip it. There’s more to beauty than product.

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