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10 YouTube channels every aspiring home decorator should subscribe to

If you’re decorating a new home or redecorating a home you’ve lived in for years, you don’t have to go it alone. Following these YouTubers is a lot like having your own personal interior decorator, but instead of thousands of dollars, you might have to watch a brief commercial.

1. AtHomeWithNikki

Nikki is a military wife and design school dropout who realized doing things her own way was better. After seeing her videos, it’s hard not to agree she made the right call. Get decorating tips, DIY and craft tutorials, organization ideas and more.

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2. sparklyblonde1

This relatively new YouTuber has already racked up over a quarter of a million followers. She’s all about storage and organization ideas that are also ultra-cute.

3. A Beautiful Mess

Elsie and Emma are sisters who blog about home decor, crafts, food, style and more. They’re hip in a Zooey-Deschanel-meets-Martha-Stewart sorta way.

4. Robeson Design

Rebecca Robeson brings you her design tips on the regular, including her current contest, the #WWRD (what would Rebecca do) contest, in which each week she chooses a winner from all the submissions and offers at least five suggestions on how to improve their space.

5. Brit Morin

Brit + Co is a group of leading edge “makers” who are into everything from traditional crafts to cutting-edge craftiness.

6. Ikea USA

Not only do they have videos showing you how to improve your space, but you get to watch videos of the making of the Ikea catalog, learn more about their various collections, see their weekly home tour makeovers and, maybe most importantly, watch videos about how to build their products once you get them home.

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7. The Home Depot

The Home Depot has everything we need to get our home decoration projects done, but their YouTube channel gives home decorating advice, DIY advice, home repair advice and blogger challenges that give us the inspiration for those projects.

8. Oh Joy!

A former graphic designer, Joy Cho created a channel where you can get killer tips for home decorating, fashion and food.

9. HGTV Handmade

For a new home decor or craft video every day, check out HGTV’s Handmade, where five well-respected bloggers give daily advice.

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10. Clean My Space

It does you no good to have perfect decor if your house is a disaster. Get amazing cleaning tips and hacks from “the largest cleaning community on the internet.”

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